18K Gold Plated Personalised 'Mini' Carrie Style Name Necklace

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This pendant is a MINI version of the iconic Carrie style name necklace.The height of the first letter is a teeny 6mm. It really is a perfect dainty piece.

If you're looking for a Name Necklace for a child we recommend the 'Small Name Necklace' design. It's not the full size of a standard name necklace but it's alot stronger than our dainty Mini Name Necklace. Find it in 18K Plated Gold here. 

This necklace is made in the iconic Carrie font. The Carrie Name Necklace has a curl in the last letter, adding an extra twist to the connection from the pendant to the chain. 

Made in 18K Gold Plated over Sterling Silver and comes attached to a 18K Gold Plated Chain personalised with the name of your choice.

18K Gold Plated
Height: 6mm capital
Thickness 0.5mm
This design is also available in Sterling Silver.